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Diving With Lutwala

An incredible experience

We Are Always Ready

Are you?

We offer three fun dives per day with night dives available on request. Please note that given our location some dive times may vary dependent upon the tides that day.  This is for your safety and comfort. We have dive sites to suit all levels of diver, from coral-covered gently sloping reefs at 8-30m to dramatic walls dropping to 100m+. And whatever your personal interests, we’ve got it covered; macro or mega-fauna, coral reefs or wrecks, adrenaline-pumping currents or mellow mild drifts....Trawangan has it all to offer. Just tell us what you would like and we will design a package to suit.
Boats depart from our private beach directly in front of the dive shop and all dive sites are a relaxing 10-15 minute boat journey away. Diving couldn’t be easier!
We keep group sizes to a maximum of 4 divers per guide to ensure each guest experiences the best our dive sites have to offer. All our guides are highly-trained PADI professionals with extensive experience diving around the Gilis

Fun Diving

Certified diver looking to explore under water? Come with us!

Daily Dive Departures at 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:30pm

Rp620.000 per dive

Gear rental included. We group similar experience levels together as much as we can and keep the overall group size 4 or less to one dive guide. Please book yourself a spot coming into the office, SMS/WhatsApp or getting in touch online. Discounts available up to 25%.

  • Add Rp150.000 for a Nitrox tank.​

Our Customer Favourites


Discover SCUBA Diving

For The Curious Beginner

Taking your first breaths underwater can appear daunting at first, but with the help of our experienced instructors, you will feel the excitement in no time. 

After an intro and shallow pool session, we hop onto the boat, and do what the others do: check out the ocean!

  • Duration: approx. 4 hours

  • Age: min 10 years

  • Daily Time Slots: 9am or 12noon

  • Price: Rp1.150.000

PADI Bubble Maker

Discover SCUBA for kids

During pool play time children learn the basic principles of scuba diving in a fun and safe environment. If feeling comfortable, Bubblemakers can then be taken for their very first dive and a bit of colourful fish-spotting on one of our shallow reefs under full supervision by our PADI instructor.

  • Age: 8 or 9 years

  • Duration: approx. 4 hours

  • Dive max depth: 2m

  • Groups: max. 2 kids (4 people total)

  • Price: Rp1.200.000


PADI SCUBA Diver Course

Take The Next Step

Ideal for those with limited time who would like to make a head start with their PADI diving certification. The course consists of self study, theory sessions, 3 pool units and 2 open water dives. Successful completion entitles divers to dive to a depth of 12 metres accompanied by a PADI Divemaster or above. The Scuba Diver can be upgraded to Open Water any time in the future.

  • Duration: 1.5-2 days

  • Price: Rp4.800.000

PADI Open Water Course

Becoming A Diver

The Open Water course is the first full certification offered by PADI. It is a qualification for life and allows the holder to dive worldwide to a depth of 18m with a certified buddy. The course consists of thorough theory sessions during which your instructor will explain the concepts and rules of safe diving, full skills training in the pool and four open water dives around the Gilis. Upon completion, participants will be independent and confident divers.

  • Duration: 3 full days

  • Price: Rp6.600.000

Scuba Oxygen Tank

SCUBA Refresh

Undust yourself!

Excellent refresh program for those divers who are already certified but have been out of the water for a while. Recap your dive theory and go through your core skills in one of our two luxury pools before being supervised on your first dive back in the sea.

  • Duration: approx. 4 hours

  • Time Slots: 9am, 12noon

  • Price: Rp1.150.000

PADI Advanced Options

Expand Your Skillset

Go beyond the basic and become a better diver with the PADI Adventure or PADI Advanced course. Both will get into more details regarding Underwater Navigation and Deep diving and then offer a variety of different topics to focus on for the remainder of the course dives.

  • PADI Adventure: 3 dives total

  • Price: Rp4.300.000

  • PADI Advanced: 5 dives total

  • Price: Rp5.600.000


PADI Rescue Course

Are you prepared?

The Rescue Course develops your diving to a level where you are able to assess and react to emergency diving situations concerning both yourself and others. From aiding a tired or panicked diver on the surface to surfacing and exiting an unconscious diver found underwater. Mastery of these skills will then be tested in a series of unexpected scenarios when anything can, and does, go wrong!

  • Duration: approx. 4 days

  • Price: Rp6.600.000

Emergency First Response

What can YOU do in case of emergency?

Being a diver or not, learn how to help others in case of need. Asses the situation, take safe steps and quickly get professional medical help sorted. Create Emergency Action Plans and get comfortable with providing First Aid. A life may very well depend on it.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Price: Rp2.500.000

Diving: Products

Price List

Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD) / SCUBA Refresh/Bubblemaker


PADI SCUBA Diver Course


PADI Open Water Diver Course


PADI Adventure Diver Course


PADI Advanced Open Water Course


Emergency First Response Course (EFR)


PADI Rescue Diver Course


EFR + PADI Rescue Combi


PADI Deep Specialty


PADI Nitrox Enriched Air Course


Photography Specialty


AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty


Fun Dive


Night Dive


PADI Adventure Dive


SCUBA Diver Fun Dive / Additional DSD Dive


Nitrox Tank Fill

+ Rp150.000

All diving guests will also be asked to pay a Rp50.000 Gili ECO Trust Contribution and the Rp100.000 Marine Park Fee, if not yet done so.

Diving: CV

Terms & Conditions

  • A deposit is required to get your 10% discount upon booking with us.

  • Cancellation 4+ weeks prior: 100% refund of deposit (minus transaction fees)

  • Cancellation 2+ weeks prior: 60% refund of deposit (minus transaction fees)

  • Cancellation 1+ week prior: 20% refund of deposit (minus transaction fees)

  • Same day cancellation/No-Show: No Refund.

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